Parent Guidelines

Chambersburg Dental Associates, LTD has adopted the following parent guidelines to ensure that both you and your child have the very best experience in our office.

At the initial visit – One parent will be permitted to accompany their child into the examination room at the initial “New Patient” appointment. We ask that additional parents and siblings remain in the waiting area. During the “New Patient” visit the parent and the child will meet a hygienist and a review of the child’s medical history will be performed. Permission for x-rays will also be obtained if needed. After the cleaning is complete, one of our qualified dentists will examine the child’s teeth and speak to the parent regarding any additional treatment if needed.

Subsequent visits – After a patient’s initial visit, we ask that all parents remain in the waiting area during any and all subsequent visits. A hygienist or a dental assistant will speak to the parent prior to bringing the child back to the exam room. Consent for x-rays and a review of the child’s medical history will be done prior to bringing the child back. If during treatment additional information or consent is required, the Dentist will request to speak to the parent prior to continuing treatment.

It is our goal to establish a rapport with you and your child and to provide them with gentle and reassuring care. All of our dentists, hygienists and dental assistants have experience working with children ages 3 and up and strive to make all of our young patients as calm and comfortable as possible. All children will be accompanied by an associate of Chambersburg Dental at all times.

For the safety and privacy of our patients, all other children that are not scheduled for treatment, are asked to remain in the waiting area. Young children in the waiting area will need a supervisory adult with them at all times.